Omaha Values

Omaha is a city rooted in strong family values, hard work, and candor. Prior to moving to Omaha at age ten, RJ lived in Armstong Iowa on a farm with his five siblings. RJ learned the importance of these values quickly through his chores on the farm, his paperboy route in Dundee, and his own lawn mowing service throughout high school. He then graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and shortly after, opened his own bar in Omaha, continuing his journey of entrepreneurship. RJ started at Investors Realty in 1987 and is still there over 30 years later. RJ attributes his success to his dedication, honesty, and the team of good people that support him. He has been happily married to his wife, Liz, since 1985. Together they have two children, Nell and Nora, as well as two dogs, Sailor and Cade. In his spare time, RJ is an avid biker and traveler.

Vision for Omaha

RJ Neary has always been someone who looks to create opportunities. From starting his own lawn service business in high school to serving as President at Investors Realty, he knows how to take on a challenge. RJ’s expertise is working on complex projects, and selling older, difficult, and complicated properties. His skill set lies in finding solutions for more challenging problems. RJ understands the importance of active listening and thinking outside the box to solve issues.  He is able to see the bigger picture even when faced with unpredictable obstacles. RJ has big ideas that will provide new opportunities for families and businesses.

Experience to Get it Done

RJ has served in many leadership roles in Omaha. He served as chair of the Omaha Planning Board and has been involved in the Omaha by Design Board of Directors, Urban Land Institute, Omaha Habitat for Humanity, and Catholic Charities just to name a few. His various leadership experiences make him well-versed in the current issues Omaha faces today. RJ knows how to execute ideas, and has the ability to incite real change. His vision and teamwork allow him to efficiently get things done. RJ is a trusted leader that can deliver the basic services Omahans rely on and move Omaha forward as a leader in the country.