RJ's Pathway to the Future

COVID Reset Plan

The Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated even more clearly the direct relationship between economic and public health in Omaha.


Just over half of Americans polled in September 2020 by the Pew Research Center reported that they expect their lives will still be changed in major ways after the pandemic.


We need a plan that includes future stimulus packages and funding and we need Greater Omaha Chamber and city-led partnerships between Omaha financial institutions and small business owners. This targeted reset plan does just that and will ensure that Omaha’s economy bounces back faster, stronger, fairer, and healthier.

As mayor I will:
  • Appoint a pandemic czar who will provide key metrics for Omaha’s COVID recovery and coordinate with UNMC, federal government, public health officials, academic institutions, employers, and other key stakeholders to provide all Omahan’s with access to resources for COVID-19 recovery

  • Reallocate 5% of the restaurant tax into the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote Omaha attractions for 2 years up to $4,000,000.00

  • Advocate from the mayor's office for any and all future stimulus funding to include cities of Omaha's size to the direct city funding criteria, and allocate the funds properly to local businesses and toward rent and utility relief programs

  • Develop a small business recovery task force that will build a city-led partnership between Greater Omaha Chamber, Omaha financial institutions, and Omaha's commercial property landlords that will support the growth of  local restaurants, start-ups theaters, mom and pop shops, etc., are not left behind and are able to thrive in 2021 and beyond