RJ's Pathway to Omaha's Future

"Omaha is doing okay. But for the past 8 years, city politicians have let us down. Instead of big plans and leadership, they’ve been reactive and struggled to solve problems. I’ll work to make Omaha a world-class city and lead us into a new decade of prosperity for all."


Omaha was built by generations of people who had big ideas. Regardless of party, they were united in building a city that created good jobs, beautiful neighborhoods, low crime rates, and a transportation system that worked. I’m running for mayor to bring big ideas back, make our city better, and build it for future generations. I’ll be a mayor who brings people together and gets things done.


For the past 8 years, our streets have crumbled because of bad planning, cheap materials, and a lack of an effective plan. Bad streets have put our loved ones at risk, damaged our vehicles, and made traffic even worse. The mayor has spent millions trying to fix it, but the answer is having a better plan. I’ll bring together national experts to work with Omaha contractors, and fix it the right way.


It's time for immediate action to