RJ's Pathway to the Future


To create a city that is safe for everyone, we must have a focus on the root causes of crime and violence and provide community-based public health and youth development programs.


To rebuild the trust of all communities in our Police Department, we must have an open dialogue between our communities and our Police as well as reform and accountability. Omaha’s fire department needs to be fully staffed and needs the necessary equipment to keep response times low and provide the best care and protection during emergencies. 

As mayor I will:
  • Adopt a preventative approach that addresses the reasons that people come into contact with law enforcement such as poverty, mental health, and access to city resources*

  • Increase evidence-based de-escalation and anti-bias training, and incorporate it into the police academy education

  • Fill the now vacant Independent Police Auditor position

  • Create a civilian oversight board with investigative powers and authority*

  • Roll out a crisis intervention program that will send social services unit to assist emergency responders for non-violent 911 calls 

  • Increase support for P.A.C.E. programs and other community-building projects in Omaha

  • Create a three-strike policy for officer misconduct to ensure that repeat offenders do not remain in the community*

  • Demilitarize the police force and invest in trauma-based crime prevention resources*

*adapted from former candidate Jasmine Harris